My name is Trina Hearn. I live with my husband Colby (“The Cheese”) in St. Petersburg, FL. I love long bike rides, watching movies under a blanket during thunderstorms and drinking wine on Saturday afternoons. But, most importantly, I love food.

Food is unbelievable. It not only does it nourishes us, but it helps us develop memories, cherish family, and start traditions. As a child, I began my life in Florida and moved to Vermont when I was ten. Growing up with farms around every corner forces you become knowledgeable about where your food is coming from and appreciate what is available. I have vivid memories of sitting in our kitchen with my mother and three siblings making apple pie from apples we picked from our orchard and using butter that was churned that morning from the dairy farm down the road. My father, who has now passed, had a very deep love for good food. He would tell mesmerizing stories of his dinners at “La Grenouille” in New York City and I fondly remember him pouring over his collection of Julia Child’s cooking tapes and watching them as he narrated every step.  Because of this, sitting and eating with friends and family has become one of my absolute favorite pastimes. I love long, drawn out dinner parties that start with champagne and charcuterie in the living room and end sitting around a wine-stained tablecloth drinking coffee and picking at homemade cookies or fruit and cheese.

Today, I have seen too many people forget what food is really all about. We incorporate preservatives and additives into our food to make them last longer, look better, and taste like something they are not. The problem today is that because SO many of our foods contain harmful additives and ingredients, even the simplest foods (bread, for example) have copious amounts of added chemicals. When I cook for my husband and I, I try and incorporate healthy, good quality ingredients into every meal. While the food I cook may not always be fat free, or low carb, I can pronounce every ingredient that goes into the food i’m consuming.

“Skinny Legs and Nachos” was born out of the idea that if you know the ingredients that go into your food, and you enjoy what your eating, your “diet” will naturally become a healthy lifestyle. Well that, and the fact that my favorite snack (or meal) is Nachos (which I make with organic corn chips and Cabot cheddar almost every day after work). 

I’ve found  that a lot of people are overwhelmed and uncertain about how to actually eat healthy on a daily basis. They either eat foods they think are healthy, which are not; OR they are eating healthy, but are hating their lives. Both options do not end well. My inspiration in starting this blog is to take the annoyance out of eating healthy. I have no idea if the recipes on this blog are Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, Whole30, or gluten free. They are just truly healthy, easy to make and they taste good.

Here is a little preview of my general eating habits…

WHAT I EAT (AND DON’T EAT): I eat (all kinds of) meats, vegetables, dairy and grains. (My crock pot is my savior.) I don’t eat anything processed or with preservatives.  I drink water, coffee, and wine. I DO NOT drink soda. (Just stop drinking soda). I DO put half and half in my coffee because I need to enjoy my life. I try to buy organic as much as possible. Do I eat dessert? Of course I do. There are times where you need to enjoy yourself and just go with the flow. If you feel like chocolate, eat it. If you feel like ice cream, indulge! When life throws you nachos — just eat them.