There is nothing better than grilling during summer time, and one of my absolute favorite things is a deliciously seared, juicy steak on the grill.

I do not eat a lot of red meat, but on a sultry Sunday evening in the peak of summer, the sensational aromas of smoke and grilled meats are too intoxicating to pass up on.  So, don’t!  And, the source of those sensational aromas around here is typically my man Cheese (aka my husband Colby).  He is well known in these parts for his grilling and smoking of various meats.

In fact, the Cheese makes an INSANE grilled steak. He is extremely particular about his steak and takes grilling steaks VERY seriously. Today he is going to help me show you how he does it!

Okay so here we go…


The Steak – The Cheese’s favorite cut for a perfect grilled steak is a bone-in Ribeye. It has the perfect ratio of fat to meat, and the bone adds a lot of flavor and keeps the meat juicy.  He obsesses over the perfect amount of marbling and thickness.  The Cheese has the butcher cut him a 1 1/2 – 2 inch thick Ribeye. Each steak comes out to approximately 1 1/2 lbs. One of these puppies is plenty to share between two people, but the leftovers are so good, we sometimes get two.


Course Kosher salt

Fresh cracked black pepper

Olive oil

Fresh herbs, if you have them – optional


Before even touching the steak, The Cheese really likes to throw some hickory chips right down in close to the flames, or in the smoke box (if you have one) to give it some added flavor. Steak

He soaks the chips for about 30-45 minutes before using them.


Next, take the steaks out of the package and allow them to sit for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Start your grill! You want the grill to get as hot as it possibly can. This is ESSENTIAL! A hot grill is necessary to sear-in all the juices and flavor.


Do you see how hot that is!! It’s getting hot, hot, hot!

Gently massage both sides of the steak with a little olive oil. Just enough to coat the steaks, but don’t saturate them.

Liberally apply freshly cracked ground pepper to each side of the steak. About 5 – 6 turns of the pepper mill on each side.  Keep in mind your own taste preferences.

Apply two good sized pinches of the course Kosher salt to each side. Again, to your preferences. (Remember the Cheese uses course Kosher salt — if you use sea salt or table salt, the saltiness level will vary. Generally, only use half as much salt if you substitute table salt!)


Christy, the Chicken Whisperer gave us some bangin’ rosemary from her garden. Because we had it, the Cheese just brushed the rosemary on both sides the steak to give it some added flavor.  You can chop up thyme, rosemary or whatever fresh herb you have and press it into the steak if you like.

The next step is grilling the steak. Cooking times will vary depending on the thickness of the steak and your temperature preference.  We prefer our steaks rare to fully embrace the flavor of the meat.  If your preferences are different, simply adjust the grilling time accordingly.

Put the steaks on the grill and close the grill lid.


Sear them on one side for 3-4 minutes.  Remember the hotter — the better!

Then, using TONGS (never use a fork or puncture the meat because you will lose all the delicious juices!!!!) flip the steaks over.


The Cheese likes to grill the steaks on that side for 2 minutes and then rotate them 45 degrees on the same side (not flip–just rotate) and grill for another 1-2 minutes.  This technique is what gives the steaks the diamond grill marks! Only flip steaks one time! Treat them gently.

Then, using TONGS remove the steaks from the grill and place on glass dish to REST.

This is critical. Allow your steaks to sit and rest for 10 minutes prior to cutting or serving.  This allows the steaks to absorb all the juices into the meat.  If you skip this step, all the delicious juices will run-out onto your plate when you cut into the meat — not good!


This REST period also allows you time to finish up the other components of the meal.

Finally, ENJOY the perfect grilled steak!!! Add some pesto sauce and grilled tomato’s and corn for the perfect Sunday night meal!